Thursday, April 20, 2017

Animal Care Camps

During this part of the year every year a large number of domestic animals suffer a lot due to various diseases. Swadhina for many years is concerned about this issue and some regular programmes are undertaken to tackle the issue to provide relief to the animals. 

First of all every year Animal Care Camps are held for women so that they can learn about various diseases of the animals like cow, buffalo, pigs, goats, and, of course birds like hens and ducks. A lot of the suffering for these animals can be reduced if timely vaccination is done, and proper treatment is done in early time. The trainees also learn how to vaccinate. Swadhina also provides know how to treat wounds of the animals and the ointments names and how to put. Beside these training, regular Animal Care Treatment camps are held at remote rural villages so that animals get direct help in time.

During the month of March and April several such initiatives were taken up in the interior villages of Barabajar block of Purulia district. Following is short note on these activities:

Taladih Village:
On 30 March, 2017 a animal care training was held for 14 village women. The participants were all very enthusiastic about the training and the very next day an Animal Care Treatment Camp was held. Many cows were found suffering from throat infection which is very common during this season. Goats and Sheeps were found getting suffered from stomach problem. 16 cows, 20 goats, 10 sheeps and 3 pigs were treated. Swadhina provided the Doctor free of cost. 

Hatnadih Village:
On 2 April, 2017 a animal care training was held at the Hatnadih village on Jharkhand border area. 15 women and 1 man attended this training. On 3 April, 2017 an Animal Care Treatment Camp was held at this village from morning 6  till 11 a.m. 8 cows, 25 goats, 10 sheeps and 6 pigs were given treatment on various diseases. 

Charri Village:
On 4 April 2017 an animal care treatment  was held at Charri village in Borabazar Block.32 goats were given ppr vaccication,  9 cows, 5 pigs were given treatment. 100 chicken were given vaccination against Rani Khet.

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