Friday, May 5, 2017

Animal Care : Vaccination Camp

Animal Health Care Effort
Come summer and there appears a growing number of death of animal resources in the rural areas every year – thus robbing women of their most important resource. To curb this alarming situation, a special meet was organised for vet doctors in the rural area of East Singbhum in Jharkhand. The meet took place at Swadhina Bondih Centre.  Convenor Dr.Sristidhar Mahato, along with Dr.Laduram Mahato, Dr. Santosh Mahato, Dr. Shantiram Mahato and Dr.Sudarshan Mahato, chalked out strategies and plans to protect the animal resources of local women. Speaking on this occasion, Dr.Sristidhar said that in the mid summer season when the agro produce becomes limited, most women depend on income from animal resources for their survival. But it is this season that witnesses an alarming rise in animal mortality. Hence it was decided to vaccinate as many animals as possible through Animal Care Camps. Especially it was felt that HSBQ vaccine becomes utmost important in this season.

As a follow-up a two day Vaccination Camp as a part of animal care has taken place in Sasandih on 3rd and 4th May 2017. On 3rd May, 44 animals (38 cows and 6 buffalo) were vaccinated. On 4th May, 50 animals (44 cows and 6 buffalo) have received vaccination. The camps were conducted by Dr.Laduram Mahato.

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