Monday, February 26, 2018



The kids of remote Bondih area of Purbi Singbhum District of Jharkhand and Borabazar area of Purulia District of West Bengal joined us in saying a BIG THANK YOU  to the Garcha Anirban Foundation.

 This year, there was unprecedent cold wave during the winter all over and these area were no exception.  It was indeed a timely help from the Foundation where they came forward to provide us the resources for handing out the much needed warmth-sweaters to these needy children.  These children study at the Swadhina Good Hope schools, the foundation schools set up in this remote areas which are basically English Medium Centers meant for children of the families living below the poverty line and the marginals. 41 such Boys and Girls were provided these sweaters as gifts.

Following is the list of children who received the sweaters :
Children from  Bondih
1.      Rupsana Khatun
2.      Tania Khatun
3.      Rahamatulla Ansari
4.      Mukesh Mahato
5.      Ramesh Mahato
6.      Ajoy Mahato
7.      Bikash Tudu
8.      Sushila Tudu
9.      Surajmoni Soren

Children from  Dhargram
10.  Sonali Mahato
11.  Astami Mahato
12.  Gurubari Mahato
13.  Pratima Mahato
14.  Sangita Mahato
15.  Karuna Mahato
16.  Bithika Mahato
17.  Ronita Karmakar
18.  Tina Karmakar
19.  Riya Karmakar
20.  Suresh Mahato
21.  Biplab Mahato
22.  Subrata Mahato
23.  Mohon Mahato
24.  Pashupati Mahato
25.  Anima Sing Sardar
26.  Arup Mahato
                                                                                                    Children from Taladih Village

27.  Rakesh Mudi
28.  Parbati Mudi
29.  Chhabi Rani Mudi
30.  Rupali Sing Sardar
31.  Rakesh Majhi
32.  Suresh Majhi
33.  Chaitan Majhi
34.  Bijoy Majhi
35.  Dipali Majhi
36.  Manju Majhi
37.  Chandana Mahato
38.  Mahadev Mahato
39.  Rebati Mahato
40.  Narayan Mahato
41.  Bijoy Mudi

Boys: 19   Girls: 22  Total: 41 students (ST: 15, OBC: 20, SC: 3, Muslim: 3)

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