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(Mosaboni District) , East Singbhum Jharkhand

children are happy to receive the pack of new school uniform
Sohda is an area nestled among the hillocks. The people of this area are mostly tribals working as labourers in the nearby mines. Some also work as agricultural labourers or forest gatherers. A large number of the population belong to the tribal community. Though there are primary schools in the vicinity, a kindergarten school is unheard of. And moreso, the people can hardly think of affording a good pre-primary school for their little children.

Beginning of a dream
With support from Garcha Anirban Foundation, Swadhina ventured on a dream project - to help the children of the area be a part of good education system. It began with discussion with the local women. They showed a lot of enthusiasm and interest. The local Panachayat Mukhiya, Sukurmoni Hembrom, promised every
Panchayat Mukhiya Sukurmoni Hembrom inaugurating
cooperation and help. Announcement leaflets were printed and distributed in the area . Young people of the area were scrutined for the role of teacher. Application forms were also distributed among those who were interested in emrolling their children.One by one, mothers came in to enroll their children.

On the other side, books were bought, uniforms were purchased and other necessary preparations were made by the Kolkata office team of Swadhina. All these could take place due to funding support from Garcha Anirban Foundation.

Fianlly, Good Hope School supported by Garcha Anirban Foundation began to function.

Formal Inauguration: 
The formal inauguration took place on 27th of May 2018. It was attended by 26 adults and 21 children. After a small inaugural speech by Swadhina Secretary Saswati Roy and encouragement talks by Swadhina President Smriti Sarkar and Vice President Rina Acharjee, the parents were handed over the books and uniforms. Children were given toffees. They were introduced to their teacher, Mr.Bhavesh Mahato.

Student Profile:
Altogether 36 children have been enrolled in the school. There are 17 girls and 18 boys. 26 of the children belong to extremely backward Tribal families. The parents mostly work in the adjoining Mosaboni mines in various capacities or are small time farmers.

Teacher Profile: 
Bhabesh Mahato is a young man from the locality who is chosen as the teacher. He is a graduate in Science. Madhumita Sarkar - a member of Swadhina's committee is chosen to be the supervisor for school related activities.


1. Om Lohar                             19. Mahi Murumu
2. Janaki Banra                          20. Mahesh Karmakar
3. Janho Kalandia                      21. Vishnu Karmakar
4. Dasmati Banra                       22. Rahul Tudu
5. Baya Banra                            23. Khusi Banra
6. Supriya Hembrom                  24.Sarthi Mann
7. Bijay Banra                            25. Echa Mann
8. Bablu Banra                           26. Sukmoni Gagrai
9. Darpan Karwa                       27. Sawan Purty
10. Somoy Banra                       28. Malti Tudu
11. Sukhmoti Banra                    29. Krishna Tudu
12. Birsha Purty                          30. Dasma Hembrom
13. Monika Banra                       31. Ghanshyam Banra
14. Nelson Banra                        32. Rajlakshmi Mann
15. Sukurmoni Banra                   33. Aman Soy
16. Muliya Banra                         34. Rakesh Majhi
17. Dibru Banra                           35. Khushi Majhi
18. Nara Banra                            36. Ramo Hansda
                          37. Sawan Baskey

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