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Swadhina Education Support Centre

Swadhina: Shiksha Sahayata Kendra
Swadhina Education Support Centre

One of the basic issues, before education in the rural area , still is the significant proportion of drop-outs. As a result, though there are infrastructure available, like available primary schools, middle and high schools within the village or at a little distance, many do not pursue studies beyond primary level.

Swadhina has set up “Shiksha Sahayata Kendra” (Education Support Centes) at the village level to meet up the situation with the following facilities:

1. To arrange tuition for needy students, free of charge, especially for the girl-child, by experienced teachers,

2. Provide a good space, with sitting arrangements and proper lights-fans, for children to study together and prepare for home-work guided by the teacher

3. Supplement additional knowledge and learning of difficult subject like English

4. Organise special events like drawing classes, singing, group games, social gatherings to make children more interested in school education

5. Help them improve qualitatively so that they excel in school exams thereby they become more keen to go to school

6. Make them environmentally alert by getting them involved in various group activities like street theatre, songs on environment, quiz contest, tree plantation etc.

There are 6 such Educational Support Centres at the moment being run in East Singbhum District in Jharkhand.

1.Benasole Centre
The local primary school namely Utkramit Vidyalaya has kinddly provided us a school room which we are using as our Shiksha Sahayata Kendra. The Benasol village is located, in the Mosaboni Block of East
Singbhum District of Jharkhand State, in a hilly forest region. 15 girls are attending the centres - 4 study in VIIth Class, 7 study in VIIIth Class and there are 4 students who study in IXth Class. Of these 15 students, seven belong to Tribal community, six belong to Scheduled Caste community and two belong to the Other Backward Castes (OBC). The Teacher is from the local village - Ms. Reshmi Soy.

2.Latia Centre
Classes for Latia Kendra are held at the local Swadhina Village Centre. Latia is situated near Mosaboni Block, which is a mining area. There are 20 students here. 7 study in Class II,  7 study in Class III and 6 study in Class IV. Of them 16 belong to Tribal Community, 3 belong to Scheduled Caste and one belong to OBC . The teacher here is Ms. Papia Sharma. There are 17 girls and 3 boys.

3.Bordih Centre
The local Geruala High School has kindly provided us with a class-room to run the Kendra here. This area is located at a remote corner of the district at the border of the neighbouring state West Bengal. Sri Banka Bihari Mahato, a local school teacher has volunteered to conduct the centre. There are 25
students here all belonging to the backward class. Five of them study in Class II, Ten of them study in Class III, Ten study in IV. There are 13 girls and 12 boys attending the centre. Of these 18 belong OBC, 5 are from the ST Community, 1 each belong to the SC and Minority Community.

4.Kanku Centre
This centre in conducted by Ms. Rupali Mahato. The village belong to Patamda block of East Singbhum district. 21 girls are attending the centre, of whom 13 belong to the tribal community, 1 belong to Scheduled Caste and 7 belong to the
OBCcommunity. Three of them study in Class X, Four of them study in Class VIII, Five students are in Class VII, Two of them study in Class VI, Seven study in Class V.

5.Chirudih Centre
This centre is located in Patamdah Block in Bondih area. There are 27 students in this centre- 15 girls and 12 boys. Ten study in Class II, Eleven study in Class III, Six study in Class IV. Ms. Basumati Mahato is the teacher here. There are 4
from the Tribal Community, Two belong to the Scheduled Caste Community, One from the Muslim Community and Twenty students belong to the OBC community.

6.Hurumbil Centre
Hurumbil is near Katin area in Patamdah Block of East Singbhum district. There are 16 girls in this centre. Seven of them belong to Tribal Community, Three are from Scheduled Caste community ad Six belong to the Other Backward Caste section. Ms. Jayanti Mahato is the Teacher here, who has kindly offered a room for the centre.

In all there are 124 students attending the classes who are receiving education assistance. Of them 52 belonging to Scheduled Tribe Community, 16 students belong to the Scheduled Caste Community, 54 belong to the OBC and there are 2 students belonging to the Minority Section of the society. There are 97 girls and 27 boys enrolled in these centres.

We are aware that the need is for much more coverage, and, hence we are in the process of enrolling more students and opening more such Education Support Centres, in Singbhum in Jharkhand, Purulia in West Bengal, Kanya Kumari in Tamil Nadu, Mayurbhanj in Orissa and East Champaran in Bihar. .


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