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The entire country is reeling under cold wave and poor people in the area we are working suffering a lot .Responding to the need Swadhina embarked upon blanket program in a few village of Jharkhand .About 7o families were the beneficiaries following is a report on this program.

Phase 1:
We received a consignment of 50 blankets as donation through Anita Jhunjunwala and Anuj Arya of Kolkata. We distributed these blankets in two villages namely Latia and Sahoda.

 Latia village is situated in Mosaboni Block in East Singbhum District of Jharkhand state. This is in a mining area surrounded by forest and hills. 18 number of families all belonging to the tribal and OBC communities were given blankets on January 10 & 11,  2019. Ms. Papia Sharma  and  Ms. Madhumita Sarkar on behalf of Swadhina conducted the program  .

1.Mihir Mahali       (Tribal)       10.Sachin Bhakat         (OBC)
2.Priyanka Majhi  (Tribal)        11.Krishna Mahali        (Tribal) 
3.Agasti Majhi      (Tribal)        12. Srimati Mahali        (Tribal)
4.Akash Mahali    (Tribal)        13. Nishant Mahali       (Tribal)
5.Bijoy Hembram  ( Tribal)      14. Prem Mahali           (Tribal)
6.Gayetri Mahali   (Tribal)       15 Singo Mahali            (Tribal)
7.Manish Mahali   (Tribal)       16.Saraswati Mahali     (Tribal)     
8. Parbati Mahali  (Tribal)       17. Sukurmoni Mahali   (Tribal)
9.Sharmila Mahali Tribal         18. Ramesh Mahali      (Tribal)

Sahoda village is about 40 km away from Tatanagar  and this village is the part of the Mosaboni block situated amidst hills and forests. Here the blanket distribution program was held on January 11, 2019 .On behalf of Swadhina Ms. Deboshree Das, Sri. Bhavesh Mahato and Sri. Ladu Ram Mahato conducted this programme.

1.Monika Banra          Tribal              17.Nilsen Banra             Tribal
2.Om Lohar                OBC               18. Khusi Banra             Tribal
3.Janki Banra             Tribal              19. Birsha Purty             Tribal
4.Supriya Hembram   Tribal              20. Darpan Karwa          Tribal   
5.Bijoy Banra             Tribal               21. Nara Banra              Tribal
6.Bablu Banra            Tribal              22. Mahi Murmu             Tribal
7.Jano Kalindi            OBC               23. Mahesh Karmakar   OBC
8.Dibru Banra            Tribal              24. Bishnu Karmakar     OBC
9.Mulia Banra            Tribal              25. Rahul Tudu              Tribal
10.Somoy Banra       Tribal              26. Dasma Banra          Tribal
11.Sukmati Banra     Tribal              27. Parvati Mann            OBC                                  
12. Chinta   Maan     OBC               28. Pintu Maan               OBC
13.Minu Banra         Tribal               29. Durga Banra            Tribal
14.Malti Tudu           Tribal               30. Lal Sing Gagrai       Tribal
15.Krishna Tudu      Tribal               31. Basu Soy                 Tribal
16.Upal Majhi          Tribal               32. Chandmuni Sing      Tribal             

1.Jai Hind Transport Services to transport the consignment from Kolkata to Jharkhand

2. Sant Nandlal Marwari Sat Sangh,  Ghatsila  for support in transporting the blankets to the remote Mosaboni.

Phase 2-  

Birhor is a tiny tribal community of Jharkhand. They  are basically forest dwellers  and dependant on fruit gathering and forest produce for their sustenance . During this winter two of their women died due to extreme cold. There are just 20 families in this Birhor settlement in Bhadua Panchayat located  about 10  km away from Ghatsila. Our Swadhina state office is located in Ghatsila town and we thought it to be an important task to help them.

On January 20,2019 we organized the blanket distribution program and each of these 21 families  was given a blanket.  This program was conducted by Swadhina Secretary Ms
Saswati Roy Patnaik  assisted by Ladu Ram Mahato. Sri Prasenjit Karmakar,  a teacher  from Sant Nandlal School was also present.These blankets were  procured with the kind donation  we received from a family  from Kerala  - Shivan, Deepthi and Paramesh .We record our sincere gratitude to them for this timely help.

  1. Haivan Birhor              11. Chudamoni Birhor
  2. Mongla Birhor             12. Abadi Birhor
  3. Bilam Birhor                13. Prandhon Birhor
  4. Makra Birhor               14. Chiti Birhor
  5. Robi Birhor                 15. Phagu Birhor
  6. Ruhidas Birhot            16. Kaju Birhor
  7. Sukram Birhor            17.Subecharan Birhor
  8. Saheb Birhor              18. Lakvay Birhor
  9. Guruva Birhor             19. Raban Birhor
  10. Suku Birhor                 20. Mohabir Birhor
                         21. Bishram Birhor

Documentation by:
Diptendu Mukerji 

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