Monday, July 23, 2018

Swadhina/ERM Training - Smokeless Earthen Oven

Swadhina/ERM Rural Environment Awareness & Action Effort
- Training Rural Women on  Dhumraheen Chullah 
    (Smokeless Earthen Oven) 

One of the most important aspect in rural life is the cooking procedure. While a large part of our rural folks still use firewood-fed oven they face several hazards. 

Gathering of soil and mixing is the first step
Softening of the soil with legs is the next step
Since most of the cooking task is accomplished by women, naturally they face the brunt of it. 
1 .Health Hazard: It is estimated that the smoke emanated and inhaled by women in a day is equivalent to puffing 20 cigarettes ! Hence something definitely need be done in this front. 

2.Pollution: This is obvious that the smoke also produce large scale smoke pollution for the children playing around the home, and, all other
giving it a shape of oven definitely is an art
family members. Alternatively, by using this oven, two cooking pots can simulta-neously be used, thereby saving 
on fire-wood. It is also important to note that the rural poor use dry tree branches, dry leaves and hay as fuel, and, they do not use
Gradually taking the shape of a rural oven
timber, neither they harm or tinker with forest resources. 

The first step towards this programme is rural technology transfer, hence we are identifying interested village women and providing them with hands on practical training in their house. Karmi Kisku, Srimati Kisku,  Sarthi Soy among them have picked up the skill very well. During the period of reporting, aready eight families have been practically trained on Smokeless Oven making, with locally available resources like stone and soil

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