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WOMEN'S RESOURCE CENTRE A Centre at the village level augmenting women's empowerment effort of Swadhina Village Womens Groups at the grass roots.

Saswati visiting Latia WRC, Mosaboni, Jharkhand
Swadhina’s one of the main stake is the concept of Women’s Resource Centre.  In all the working areas there are WRC which is primarily a support centre for women’s  empowerment and livelihood enhancement activities .

WRC is run by local Swadhina Village Women’s Group. Each WRC covers one or more such local village groups. Each WRC is managed by a local volunteer staff of Swadhina. What are the functions of a WRC ?

1.   -  It is an oraganisinsg point  for Swadhina campaign materials - like posters, flex, banners, charts, flash-cards on social issues, for the use of local women’s groups,
Kadamdih WRC

2.    - It provides documents and forms for various welfare schemes of the government or other organisations, especially relevant to women and children development,

3.     -It displays the dates of forthcoming public events like Aam Sabhas, Development Meetings, Block Level Events etc . on a Notice Board and Blackboard,

4.     -It holds a tin-trunk library of simple-to-read books, magazines, booklets relevant to the women’s groups

5.     -It  stores study materials, cut-outs, pictures,  and other audio-visual materials

6.     -It is also the regular meeting and event room for the local Swadhina Village Women’s Group.
-    -It is the place where Mahila Nabodoya (women's social learning)  a two hour classes five days week held for social awareness building and literacy promotion for local village women. 
Taladih WRC, Purulia district, West Bengal
 Following are details of the WRC:

1.     LATIA WRC is located at Latia village which is near Mosaboni and Ms. Papiya Sharma is the in-charge here. This WRC covers 3 Village Women’s Groiups - Latia, Badiya and Dungridih villages in the Mosaboni Block, in East Singbhum of Jharkhand State.

2.     SOHDA WRC is located at Surda Crossing which is on Mosasboni-Tata road and
Bhabesh Kumar Mahato is the in-charge. This WRC covers Sohda village which is  about half a kilometre away and it is in East Singbhum district in Jharkhand state.

Motihari WRC, East Champaran,  Bihar
3.     KADAMDIH WRC is located at the crossing of Kadamdih and Amainagar in Ghatsila Block in East Singbhum district of Jharkhand state. The WRC covers the Swadhina Village Women’s Groups of the two villages. Karmi Kisku is the in-charge.

4.     BORDIH WRC is located in the village of Bordih, in one of the rooms in Swadnhina field office, in the Patamda Block of East Singbhum in Jharkhand. Women from in and around the village are covered through this centre. Basumati Mahato is in charge of this WRC.

Bordih WRC, East Singbhum, Jharkhand
5.     DHARGAAN WRC is in West Bengal state, in the district of Purulia, in the block of Barabazar. It is also accessible from East Singbhum district of Jharkhand as it is located at the border area. Usharani Mahato manages this centre.

6.     TALADIH WRC is primarily a tribal majority village in the district of Purulia in West Bengal. It belongs to Burrabazar block. Usha Mahato is the Centre-in-Charge.
      It coversTaladih, Bongora and Charrih villages.

7.      MOTIHARI WRC is Belbanwa area of East Champaran District of the state of Bihar. The area is an amalgamation of different castes. Vetran social worker Rambhabala Srivastav is in charge of the WRC in the area.

8.     INDIRANAGAR WRC is in Betnoti-Mayurbhanj district of Odisha and located near the forest region. Nirmala Sahu is a powerful local leader and in charge of the WRC.

Sohda WRC, East Singbhum, Jharkhand 

9.     BHURUDABANI WRC is in the tribal and forest heartland of Mayurbhanj district of Odisha state. Manorama Tudu is the WRC head here.

10.            VELLIYAVILAI WRC is located as a support to the women of the local fisher-folk community in the Nagercoil region of the state of Tamil Nadu. D. Suganthi is a well-known local woman leader and WRC in-charge.

- Diptendu Mukherji


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