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Seeking your Blessings: Children’s Day 2019

Every year Swadhina makes specil efforts to organize significant event for the Chidren’s Day. On the 14th November, this year, we organized this event in five locations, in Poorvi Singbhum district in Singbhum state – Latia, Dungridih Dhabani, Kanku,  Chirudih, Hurumbil.
The children held rallies in the villages, visited village elders , touched their feet and chanted together “We seek your blessings on this special day, bless us that we grow to become good human beings”.

Hurumbil village. This is a village near Katin, a small town in Patamdah block, about 50 kilometers away from Jamshedpur. Here about fifty gathered together , at 8 o’clock in the and Padayatra (village march) held. They were singing “Hum Hongey Kamyaab” (hind version of We Shall Overcome) during the march. They first came to the house of Dr. Sahebram Gope – a local health practitioner. They came one by one and touched the feet of the doctor and said the words seeking his blessings. They then came to the houses of Ananda Mahato -a local elder, Laduram Mahato -a local vet and Jayanti Mahato – a local social worker. The elders were happy and they presented a pen as gift to each child. At the end of this rally each child was given a packet of biscuits.

Latiya village is about 5 kilometers away from the mining town Mosaboni. It is very interior
village and Swadhina has a village centre. About 40 children of this centre gathered at 8 hrs and thereafter they had their Padayatra across the village singing “Hum hongey kamyaab”. They reached the home of Sri Bhabataran Mahali the head-master of the local primary school. Here they touched the feet of their dear “Sir” and he blessed the

children by touching their head. Likewise they visited elder farmers of the village Sri Chukka Mahali. After this the children took the blessing of three senior women farmers – Uma get-together where some of them recited poems, sang songs and danced with recorded music. It was indeed a very joyous moment. At the end each child was given a packet of biscuits. The event was organized by the able Swadhina programme associate Ms. Papiya Shama.

Dhabani Dungridih is small village located near Shantinagar. About 20 children of the local Swadhina Good Hope School gathered at the school premises at about 8.30 hrs. Programme here was
at the school room. The venue was decorated nicely with colour papers and balloon which provided the needed festive ambience. There was a cultural function and everyone participated by singing song, reciting poems, dancing with music recorded on mobile phone. This programme was conducted by Ms. Madhumita Sarkar which was her very first programme. Every child was presented with a pack of biscuits.  

Chirudih village is located about 15 kilometers from Paatamdah Block office. About 40 children gathered at 9 hrs for the programme. They participated in the opening song “Manush to ekdin jagbey jagbey” –meaning people will arise and be awakened, and, together they can bring the social change if there is an all-round development in the village. Three elderly women farmers were there who blessed the children. At the end of the marching, the children gathered at the Swadhina Tuition centre where Ms. Basumati Mahato, the organizer of the even explained to the children the significance of

the Children’s Day. Thereafter some of the children joined in an entertainment programme wherein they performed songs, dances and recitation of poems. At the end of the event the children were given a snacks packets containing biscuits.

Kanku  Village is located in a remote corner of the Poorvi district bordering West Bengal state. A gettogether was organized at the Swadhina Tuition Centre. The programme started at 9 hrs.
with participants lighting candles. Thereafter special guests Sri Kirtibas Mahato and Shibani

Mahato explained to the children the significance of the Children Day. The venue was well decorated with flowers collected locally. There was a cultural function held thereafter. There were recitation of poems, singing and dancing in the function. The programme was convened by Swadhina work associate Rupali Mahato. In all 40 children were present. At the end of the programme every participant was given a packet of biscuits.

Diptendu Mukerji

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